Training Manual on Child Rights Programming

Summary: This manual sets out a four-day training
session on child rights programming. It offers
a theoretical background and gives practical
tips for presenting.

This manual sets out a four-day training session in child rights
programming. It is divided into three sections. The Human and Child Rights
module gives a general background to the development of human rights,
the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the African Charter on the
Rights and Welfare of the Child.

The second part deals with the theoretical concepts of Child Rights
Programming. It covers the relationship between needs and rights,
rationale of rights-based approaches and definition of Child Rights

The third section covers Child Rights Programming in the Project Cycle
giving trainees the opportunity to develop project proposals using the
cycle stages namely: situation analysis; setting priorities; developing
implementation strategies: and planning monitoring and evaluation

Tips on methods of presenting the content are supplied, although this
manual is deliberately flexible so the facilitator can adapt it to the needs
and experience of particular trainees.
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