Children’s right violations are rife around the world. Particular rights are broken persistently with devastating consequences, and these types of violations need specific attention.

CRIN has launched or joined campaigns to combat specific children's rights violations and other areas lacking attention. The aim is to ensure the full spectrum of children’s rights is covered - by either us or others - by strong and ambitious advocacy and campaigning. 

We challenge assumptions and existing thinking on children’s rights with our advocacy and thematic policy work to push the international community and national governments to view and treat children as rights holders. We spot emerging problems through our monitoring of world news and developments from the UN and regional institutions, and then conduct thorough research to find out what’s beyond the headlines. Then if there is a gap or an angle missing, we develop a strong campaigning platform to challenge. 

As the children’s rights situation in specific areas change or flare up, we will too. So we will continue to update and adapt these campaigns pages to ensure we provide the most up to date information.

We are stronger when we work together. You can find out more about individual campaigns, as well as how to get involved yourself, by clicking on the links below.