What we do

Our foundation is the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), which we use to bring children's rights to the top of the international agenda and to put pressure on national governments to promote and protect children’s rights.

We also do our best to empower local people to campaign for children’s rights in their country and promote the use of the law as a powerful advocacy tool. We work in partnership with international, regional and national coalitions, and strive to provide accessible information and knowledge on children’s rights to people and organisations around the world.

We are proactive and campaign on specific issues that need urgent attention, and also advocate for long term change and legal reform. We want children’s rights to be taken seriously, and do not avoid tackling controversial issues.

We do our best to collate every piece of information from the UN that concerns children’s rights and from around the world, highlight advocacy opportunities and disseminate news and updates on issues that might otherwise go unreported.