Child participation

MOLDOVA: Children protest outcome of presidential election
7/Dec/2016 News
In Moldova protests were held after the election of a "pro-Russian" president on 14 November.
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Constitutionality Review of Estonia's Draft Non-Profit Associations Act 1996
Fri, 10/05/1996 - 14:00 Instrument
Case concerning the review of draft legislation which prevented children from forming non-profit associations.
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Dr Aparna Sehgal v. Dr Jasmeet Singh Sucha Singh
Tue, 12/07/2011 - 15:45 Instrument
Case concerning a mother's appeal against the lower court's grant of custody of one of two children to the father.
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العدالة الصديقة للطفل وحقوق الطفل
25/Oct/2016 Publication
الملخص: تقرير عن حق الطفل في العدالة الصديقة للطفل، بما في ذلك أمثلة من الممارسات الجيدة والمعايير الدولية والإقليمية،...
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How to occupy your school: a lesson from Brazil
3/Aug/2016 Publication
With Brazil suffering an economic slowdown and a major political crisis many public services have been hit with cuts to free up cash ahead of the Olympics. Students have occupied schools across the country to fight back.
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ENVIRONMENT: CRIN submission for the CRC's Day of General Discussion on 'children’s rights and the environment'
29/Jul/2016 Publication
The submission contributes information on the different aspects of children’s access to justice in relation to rights violations resulting from environmental damage.  
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COMMUNICATION: How to talk to children about traumatic events
15/Jul/2016 Publication
Considering that children follow events on TV, the internet and other media, this page offers some basic rules on how you can communicate with children when dramatic events occur.
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MEDIOS: ¿Nos muestran los medios de comunicación una imagen real de los niños y las niñas?
8/Jun/2016 News
Compartimos la entrevista de Natalia Quiroga, de la web Ciudades Amigas de la Infancia, una iniciativa de UNICEF Comité Español, a Marta Martínez, socióloga, quien explica cómo cree que aparecen representados los niños y las niñas en los medios y como podría contribuirse a mejorar esa representación desde los ámbitos locales.
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