Les formes de violences
14/Nov/2011 Publication
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INDIA: Almost 300 girls known officially as "Unwanted" get new start in naming ceremony
26/Oct/2011 News
Summary: "Now in school, my classmates and friends will be calling me this new name, and that makes me very happy," said a...
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VIOLENCIA: Se considera fiable el testimonio de los niños víctimas de abuso
27/Sep/2011 News
Summary: El testimonio de los niños de tres a seis años víctimas de abusos sexuales o maltrato tiene una fiabilidad de...
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NIGERIA: Combating abuse of children accused of witchcraft
1/Jul/2011 News
Summary: It was discussed that the escalation of the problem is closely tied to the proliferation of religious or...
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INDIA: Families increasingly abort girl babies, study shows
25/May/2011 News
Summary: Up to 6 million females were aborted over the past decade, often when the child was the family's second and they...
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INDIA: Gendercide due to preference for boys
14/Apr/2011 News
Summary: An aversion to having daughters is leading to millions of missing girls. ...
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