BOLIVIA: Relatora ONU denuncia infanticidios de niños discapacitados
22/Aug/2016 News
Relatora especial para Bolivia expresó su preocupación y consultó a la delegación oficial respecto a la denuncia de casos de infanticidio a niños con discapacidad. 
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EUROPE: Tackling violence against children
19/Oct/2015 Publication
A report from Augeo Foundation and the Dutch Children's Ombudsman on tackling violence against children in Europe, to coincide with the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children's 2015 theme of Violence against Children.
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SENEGAL: Women kill own babies due to strict abortion laws
4/Dec/2014 News
Clandestine abortions or infanticide are the outcome of Senegal's strict abortion laws, allowing abortions only under life threatening circumstances.
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EU: The current situation of violence towards children
18/Nov/2014 Publication
This EU report seeks to provide an insight into the problem of violence towards children in the EU, focusing on the particular vulnerabilty of children and their coresponding need for special protection. The qualitative and quantiative definitions of violence are examined, together with the root causes thereof and ways of preventing it, as well as international child protection standards used for reference. Finally, the document sets out the action taken by the EU to support efforts by Member States to protect children from violence.
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UE : état des lieux de la violence contre les enfants
18/Nov/2014 Publication
Aperçu du problème de la violence à l'encontre des enfants au sein de l'UE. Le document présente aussi l'action que l'UE déploie pour soutenir les efforts des États membres dans la protection des enfants.  
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ESPAÑA: Condena de la CEDAW por no proteger a una niña a quien mató su padre
5/Aug/2014 News
El Estado debe indemnizar a una madre que denunció 30 veces a su maltratador hace 11 años.
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CORÉE DU NORD : une commission de l'ONU réclame la saisine de la Cour pénale internationale
21/Feb/2014 News
[Le 17 février 2014] - De multiples crimes contre l'humanité, découlant de politiques établies au plus haut sommet de l...
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NORTH KOREA: UN-mandated human rights inquiry documents 'widespread, systematic abuses'
18/Feb/2014 News
A UN-mandated report documents a grim array of human rights abuses in North Korea and calls for urgent action, including referrals to the International Criminal Court.
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Assessment of Violence against Children
26/Nov/2013 Publication
Summary: Results of an Initial Desk Review for the UN Secretary General’s Study on Violence against Children, East and...
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