VIOLENCE: Child-friendly version of Global Progress Survey on Violence against Children 2011

Dear colleagues,

The Special Representative on Violence against Children, Ms. Marta Santos Pais is conducting a global survey to help map and assess progress in the implementation of the UN Study recommendations, and set future priorities. Governments are encouraged in their replies to share information on developments that have taken place since then. Other interested parties (UN Agencies, NGOs) may also provide information on relevant parts of the questionnaire.More information is available here:

The survey outcomes will be presented to the General Assembly in 2012 and are expected to inform further acceleration of efforts in the implementation of the recommendations of the Study, and sustain the momentum of work already under way.

Of course, we all believe that it is important to ensure that children also have a say and we have therefore developed a child-friendly version of the survey together with the Office of the SRSG on Violence against Children. Since this is a key topic for our work everywhere we encourage you to consult with children within your networks and send in contributions to [email protected] by December 31st 2011.

Attached is also a guide to assist facilitators to interact with children aged 11-17 in which it is suggested that 1-2 interactive workshops are organised and integrated into ongoing activities on violence against children. This material is providing brief guidelines but we trust you to adapt these to the context, age, relevance, children’s background and previous involvement.

Please review the attached documents and let the contact persons below know if you are interested in working with children to provide input. Any further questions can also be sent to:

-Rasa Sekulovic, Regional Child Rights Advisor for the Asia Region, PlanInternational: [email protected]
- Ann-Kristin Vervik, Senior Child Rights Adviser, Plan Norway: [email protected]
- Sara Johansson, Child Protection Advisor, Save the Children Sweden:[email protected]

pdf:'s survey.pdf


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