Other sections to come

How to use the media: identifying sympathetic journalists (investigative journalists/programmes?), commentators, editors, producers, channels etc., both to publicise the campaign and to pursue and provide information. For now, you can use our media toolkit for basic information.

Following on from initial activities

How to develop a national strategy to achieve prohibition and elimination of inhuman sentencing - identifying elements, responsibilities, deadlines and checklist of different ways of pursuing advocacy.

How to achieve law reform to prohibit all forms of inhuman sentencing of children is essential for the realisation of children's rights. We will provide information on how to draft legislation and lobby governments or parliament. But keep in mind that law reform should be accompanied by other measures such as comprehensive and sustained awareness-raising.

Encouraging national campaigns to consider how CRIN can support the national campaign and how the national campaign can support the international/regional campaign: for example, by updating CRIN on all developments, campaign events, statements, press cuttings, providing feedback on this kit and ideas for other states to use.