Sexual violence by peacekeepers

After reports emerged in 2014 of the sexual abuse of children by French soldiers serving in the UN peacekeeping operation in CAR, the UN’s response was evasive. The hierarchy’s over-riding motivation was to punish the official who leaked the information. The need to provide for the welfare of the children affected, which ought to have been the primary consideration, was overlooked. So was the need to hold the perpetrators to account.

The UN has since taken steps to respond and CRIN acknowledges the progress made, but believes that the steps taken so far fall well short of what is needed to ensure that civilians, and children in particular, will not suffer at the hands of UN peacekeepers again.

Due to the complexity of the UN, especially its peacekeeping structures, it can be difficult for non-governmental organisations and states to know how to advocate for change in this field. CRIN has been asked by NGOs and some governments to explore what could be done now, and how. This guide makes 10 ‘next step’ recommendations, each of which would help to safeguard children and other civilians in the long-term. It also suggests how to pursue these recommendations and whom to partner with. The guide is a work in progress and we welcome feedback on any aspect of it.

You can download the full report from the link below: