Child sexual abuse and the Holy See campaign toolkit

Sexual violence in religious institutions across the world is rife, and more and more reports are emerging about this human rights violation. Lack of accountability, entrenched power structures and arcane institutions allow it to continue.

CRIN believes transparency, access to justice for children and protection from violence are crucial to securing children’s status as individuals with rights.

This toolkit contains information for support groups, lawyers, NGOs and other children’s rights advocates on how to get involved in the first strand of the campaign - "Child sexual abuse and the Holy See: the need for justice, accountability and reform".

More resources, including news and updates on the campaign, can be found on the End sexual violence in religious institutions campaign section.

People have been campaigning for transparency and justice on this issue for years, perhaps even decades.

Like all of CRIN’s toolkits, this is a work in progress. We believe in working collectively, so please email us with any feedback on this toolkit and further campaign ideas, and we will continue to update information as the campaign progresses.