MOROCCO: Children's Rights in the UN Special Procedures' Reports
28/May/2013 Publication
Summary: This report extracts mentions of children's rights issues in the reports of the UN Special Procedures. This does...
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MOROCCO: Children in Protection enters: Children at Risk.. For an Integrated Policy (Arabic) to Protect the Child
22/May/2013 Publication
Summary: قام المجلس الوطني لحقوق الإنسان بتحليل واقع الأطفال المودعين، بمقتضى مقرر قضائي، في مراكز حماية ال...
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MAROC : Enfants dans les centres de sauvegarde : une enfance en danger
21/May/2013 Publication
Summary: Le Conseil National des Droits de l'Homme consacre un rapport à la "situation préoccupante d'un grand nombre d...
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AFRICAN COMMISSION: Chairperson condemns reprisals against rights defenders
16/Apr/2013 News
Summary: During the opening ceremony of the 53rd Ordinary session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights,...
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MOROCCO: Child servants “Martyrs of indifference”
11/Apr/2013 News
Summary: Although employing children under the age of 15 is prohibited in Morocco, in the Souss valley it is still common...
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MAROC : Enfants domestiques "martyres de l’indifférence"
3/Apr/2013 News
Summary: Au Maroc, près de 10% des enfants de 5 à 14 ans travaillent pour faire vivre leur famille et 30’000 sont employés...
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MOROCCO: Rape Marriage Law to Be Changed (Arabic)
29/Jan/2013 News
الدار البيضاء في : 26-01-2013...
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MOROCCO: Rape marriage law to be changed
29/Jan/2013 News
Summary: Government plans to outlaw practice allowing rapists to avoid charges if they marry their victims. ...
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