Some children’s rights issues are reasonably clear, while others are not. With our policy work we attempt to address some of the complex and otherwise ignored issues. At times this means being controversial, which we will never shy away from if it means children’s rights will be promoted and protected.

Children’s rights are neglected all over the world, so there are countless "children’s rights issues". Our focus areas are based on trends we spot in our monitoring work, including patterns of violations and gaps in children's rights advocacy. We then decide what action to take based on these criteria.

We don’t know the answer to all the problems, so we use our policy work to think, write and debate to help develop our ideas. Sometimes this work evolves further into a research project or advocacy work, while at others it is more about raising questions and bringing visibility to an issue ('CRIN monitors').

Below are some ongoing policy issues that we are working on, with links to further resources. 

We always aim to work collectively, and invite and encourage others to join us by commenting on issues and sharing ideas. Please email us to share your opinion, knowledge and expertise. 

For a full list of children's rights issues with links to relevant resources, see our A-Z.