Information is a powerful - and necessary - tool when promoting human rights. But there is just so much information from so many different sources. We do our best to monitor all these sources and provide you with the information you need in a way you can access.

We monitor developments - both the progressive and regressive - in children’s rights across the UN, regional human rights bodies and national institutions.

International and regional monitoring - What are the UN and regional bodies saying about children’s rights?

We collect mentions of children’s rights by these agenda setting bodies, and then assess how children’s rights are being addressed - or not. This allows us to spot gaps where attention is needed, and if necessary we conduct research to gather further evidence. We then push for change in areas where children's rights are being ignored or abused through our policy, advocacy and campaigns work.

We also track and analyse cases that concern children’s rights put before UN treaty bodies - such as the Committee against Torture, the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, and many more. To help us place children’s rights into the broader human rights discourse, we also look at discussions and reports that feature children’s rights across the UN - from the General Assembly to findings from independent human rights experts. Read more on this in our guide to the UN and how it works.

Who has the top jobs in children’s rights?

We monitor the appointment process for the top jobs in children’s rights as part of our transparency campaign.

Children’s rights in every country

We monitor what is going on in children’s rights in every country around the world and provide detailed country specific pages giving you all the latest news and developments. We rely on insights from local activists to build this resource that we share with the world. Any information you can give us is invaluable, so please email us with your input.

Tracking children’s rights law reform

We are very interested in any law reform in any country that concerns children’s rights. We track the process carefully, particularly in areas we campaign in. For more information on what we track and any new developments, visit our law section.

Children and Armed Conflict CRINmail

The core of our work on this issue is focused on monitoring the impact of armed conflict on children through a monthly newsletter tracking global developments and sharing country specific reports.

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