Criteria to determine how CRIN responds to a children's rights violation

CRIN works on all children's rights issues, but in different ways. Through our monitoring work we identify violations and decide what action to take using the criteria below.

1. Does this represent a significant/serious violation of children’s rights affecting many children across many regions, or seriously affecting groups of children in certain regions/states?

2. Is there currently a lack of visibility and lack of advocacy to challenge these violations?

3.  Could effective advocacy on this issue provide a wider breakthrough in children’s rights advocacy/children’s status?

4.  Are there clear and definable goals for this advocacy?

5.  Are there particular opportunities for effective advocacy now?

6.  Is there potential for influential, high-level or other support for this advocacy now?

7.  Is there a clear and definable role for CRIN?

8.  Does CRIN have or can we develop the necessary human and other resources to fulfil this role?

9. Are there any risks to CRIN or other organisations in getting involved in an issue?