Working in Partnership

Our ambitious mission to generate real change in how governments and societies view and treat children will not be possible unless we work collectively. We are stronger when we work together, rather than going alone and trying to replicate what others do.

CRIN works in close partnership with many international, regional and national organisations and coalitions across a range of issues. This work has ranged from partnering on organising legal advocacy workshops, information sharing and other advocacy activities, to undertaking global research projects that have involved partnering with lawyers and law firms across Europe.

Joint campaigns

Campaigning to change laws and perceptions of children is a huge task. All CRIN's work is based on the belief that we are most effective when we work together. In this spirit, we participate in joint campaigns that respond to persistent violations of children's rights or fill a gap in areas of children's rights that are not receiving sufficient attention.

Advocacy support

For our work to be most effective, it must be collaborative. At CRIN, much of our work is about supporting advocates working regionally with new advocacy strategies, legal research and inspiration from other parts of the world. Our regional advocacy work depends on the context in each region and can include regional legal advocacy workshops, engaging with regional human rights mechanisms, producing research and policy reports, and developing networks of children’s rights activists.

Much of our work is about supporting advocates working nationally and regionally with advocacy strategies and campaigning. In some regions we take a more active role, either because repressive regimes mean that advocates are not able and willing to challenge the status quo or because no coordinated child rights movement yet exists.

Become part of a worldwide activists’ community

We invite people to work with us to advance children’s rights by contributing their knowledge, information and expertise to the CRIN library of over 30,000 unique resources.

We call on the children’s rights community to help us shape our work by offering us insights, advice and feedback. Get in contact and email us.

We do not hold priority rights over anything we do. We invite others to share, adapt and re-use our materials where they can. We work to promote the greater good in children’s rights, and encourage our partners to do the same.

We equip people with tools and guides to promote and protect children's rights, both internationally and at national level. Everything we produce, be it a guide to how the UN works or toolkits to undertake campaigns and advocacy work, we provide for free. We are open about how we do our work and publish guides to how we do complicated aspects of it, such as research or legal advocacy, so others can replicate them.

We offer our assistance so anyone can promote and protect children’s rights, whether that be on how to stay safe online or advice on how to undertake an advocacy project.

For information on coalitions that CRIN is involved in see how we work with others.