Children‘s Voices on Violence in Schools

Summary: Children's views on what forms of violence
they face in schools, their recommendations to
delegates and how they plan to be involved in
finding solutions to end violence.
Forms of violence identified by children include:

1. Corporal violence, including whipping, pulling hair, being forced
to stand in the sun for long periods of time, using children to clean schools.

2. Verbal violence: insulting, not letting children have an opinion,
making them feel useless, not respecting their feelings

3. Sexual harassment

Some of the recommendations children elaborated include:

- Schools should hold meetings involving children and teachers

- Use the internet and other media to sensitise people

- Develop media awareness campaigns, compile newsletters to
inform people

- Punish those who are violent against children

- Enact laws that would criminalise acts of violence against

- Fight negative behaviour such as discrimination

- Paying surprise visits to schools to find out about cases of

- Allocating class sessions to talk about violence, its causes and

- Involve students in all activities

- Use theatre to develop awareness about how violence harms

Children also said that they have a role to play here, such as:

- to form small committees in schools to find out about causes of violence

- participate in all acitivites and campaigns

- set up complaints box

- forming committees which include children


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