Psychological abuse

NEW ZEALAND: 'Never again' - the public investigation into historical abuse in state care
15/Aug/2018 Publication
How care leavers in New Zealand pushed the government to conduct an independent investigation into the root causes of systemic failings in the country’s care system.
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DRC: Improving practices for the demobilisation and reintegration of girls associated with armed forces and armed groups
22/Jun/2017 Publication
The What The Girls Say report puts the spotlight on girl child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and...
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FRANCE: Exploitation case sees slavery criminalised at last
3/May/2017 Publication
A Togolese teenager was held in servitude for four and a half years. Her case lead to criminal penalties for slavery, servitude and forced labour in France for the first time.
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UNITED STATES: Decriminalising children exploited for prostitution is not 'legalisation'
11/Jan/2017 Publication
The internet has been ablaze over the last few weeks after incendiary comments from California lawmaker Travis Allen about his state 'legalising child prostitution'. Here are a few reasons why he is so wrong.
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HOLY SEE: Critic of Vatican refuses to step down from sex abuse commission
8/Feb/2016 News
A prominent and outspoken British member of a papal advisory commission on sexual abuse by the clergy on Saturday refused to step down despite a no-confidence vote, and said only Pope Francis could dismiss him.
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Allemagne: sévices et abus sexuels contre des centaines de choristes de la cathédrale de Ratisbonne
14/Jan/2016 News
L'affaire éclatait au grand jour en 2010. Alors que l'enquête n'est pas encore finie, l'avocat Ulrich Weber a évalué à près de 700 le nombre total des victimes.
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FRANCE : Des adolescents portent plainte pour violences policières
22/Dec/2015 News
Les violences dont parlent les adolescents ont eu lieu entre l’été 2013 et l’été 2015. Seules ont été retenues pour la plainte celles pour lesquelles des témoins pouvaient confirmer leurs dires. Une enquête préliminaire a été confiée à l’inspection générale de la police nationale (IGPN), la police des polices. La police n’a pour le moment pas souhaité réagir.  
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EUROPE: Protection gaps risk exposing children with disabilities to abuse
4/Dec/2015 Publication
Boys and girls with disabilities are more likely to be victims of physical and sexual violence, and neglect, than those without disabilities.
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CHILD RIGHTS: CRIN submission to the OHCHR on children's right to an adequate standard of living
28/Oct/2015 Publication
Submission to the OHCHR for the preparation of the report on "Protection of the family and the contribution of families in realising the right to an adequate standard of living".   
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