Psychological abuse

CONFLITS ARMÉS : Rapport annuel du Représentant spécial sur les enfants et les conflits armés
7/Jul/2014 Publication
Le rapport annuel de la Représentante spéciale du Secrétaire général de l'ONU sur les enfants et les conflits armés rescence les cas d'enfants recrutés, tués, mutilés, victimes de violences sexuelles et d’autres violations graves dans 23 situations de conflit à travers le monde.
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USA: Victory for LGBTI children after Supreme Court ruling on California law
1/Jul/2014 News
US Supreme Court has declined to hear a challenge to a California law that bans “conversion therapy” aimed at changing the sexual orientation of gay and lesbian minors.
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FRANCE: ERRC urges French authorities to fully investigate lynching of Romani minor
18/Jun/2014 News
The European Roma Rights Centre expresses its deep concern regarding the brutal lynching of a 16-year-old Romani boy in France. The ERRC urges French authorities to investigate the attack, in particular any possible racial motivation, and to bring the perpetrators to justice.
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ARGENTINA: Teenager who spent nine years locked in a garage rescued
17/Apr/2014 News
A 15-year-old girl has been rescued in Argentina after being nearly starved and beaten in a garage by an adoptive family for nine years.
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SENEGAL: Law bans 10-year-old rape victim from aborting twins
7/Apr/2014 News
Efforts of human rights campaigners thwarted by Napoleonic law allowing abortion only in life-or-death circumstances.
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SEXUAL VIOLENCE: UN, African Union sign landmark agreement to curb sexual violence in African countries
19/Feb/2014 News
A landmark agreement has been signed between the UN and the African Union to combat sexual violence in war in Africa. 
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DR CONGO: Warlord Ntaganda tried for ethnic crimes and using child soldiers
12/Feb/2014 News
Former warlord Bosco Ntaganda played a “key role” in ethnic crimes in the Democratic Republic of Congo, using child soldiers and capturing sex slaves for his rebel army, the International Criminal Court has heard.
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JUVENILE JUSTICE: Australia's tough new youth crime laws spark plea for UN intervention
6/Feb/2014 News
New juvenile crime laws in the state of Queensland are described as violations of Australia's human rights obligations, leading to calls for UN intervention. 
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SLOVAKIA: Government approves a new strategy to protect children from violence
24/Jan/2014 News
A new strategy has been approved by the Slovakian state government for tackling violence against children across the country.  
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YEMEN: "Counselling Centre set up" for children because of drone strikes
17/Jan/2014 News
A Yemeni delegation to the UN has admitted that it has had to establish a counselling centre for children because the level of traumatisation caused by US drone attacks in the country is so high.
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