Psychological abuse

BULLYING: CRIN submission for the UN Secretary-General’s report on 'Protecting children from bullying'
19/Oct/2015 Publication
CRIN submission for the preparation of the UN Secretary-General’s report on “Protecting children from bullying”. 
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EUROPE: Tackling violence against children
19/Oct/2015 Publication
A report from Augeo Foundation and the Dutch Children's Ombudsman on tackling violence against children in Europe, to coincide with the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children's 2015 theme of Violence against Children.
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TRAFFICKING: Research points to serious mental health impact on trafficked children
9/Sep/2015 News
Children as young as 10 have attempted suicide or suffered serious mental health problems after being trafficked as sex slaves or forced labourers, researchers said yesterday.
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PAKISTAN: Police accused of downplaying child sexual abuse scandal
10/Aug/2015 News
Up to 280 girls and boys said to have been filmed being abused in one village, but victims’ parents say police did not act until there was a national uproar.
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SENEGAL: First steps taken to eradicate forced child begging in Quranic schools
7/Aug/2015 Publication
A committee of African human rights experts agreed that Senegal must work to stop children in Quranic schools being forced to beg for food and money after two postgraduate students compiled a complaint on behalf of the exploited children.
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ISRAËL : abus à l'encontre d'enfants palestiniens
21/Jul/2015 News
Un rapport d'Human Rights Watch répertorie des immobilisations par pseudo-étranglement, des passages à tabacs et des interrogatoires coercitifs.
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VIOLENCE: Gov'ts accused of ‘perpetrating violence against women’
23/Jun/2015 News
ActionAid report says officials are ignoring laws to end violence against women, curbing funding of women’s groups, and failing to defend activists. 
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ASIA-PACIFIC: Cost of child maltreatment tops $200 billion annually, reports UNICEF
3/Jun/2015 News
Statistics show that failure to prevent violence against children is resulting in serious economic costs to countries, UNICEF warned at the launch of its ‘End Violence against Children’ campaign in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. 
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ALEMANIA: Los niños, víctimas habituales de la violencia
22/May/2015 News
La Oficina Alemana de Investigación Criminal presentó un informe estadístico sobre los delitos en los que las principales víctimas son niños y niñas. Las cifras son pasmosas, pero sólo constituyen la punta del iceberg.
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ABUS SEXUELS EN RCA : des ONG demandent plus de transparence de la part de l'ONU
6/May/2015 News
Déclaration d’organisations de la société civile au Secrétaire général de l’ONU, l’appelant à éclaircir les mesures prises en réponse aux rapports faisant état d’abus sexuels sur des enfants par des soldats étrangers en République Centrafricaine.  
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