The Problem

Stop aid porn

Shocking the world into action with the image of a drowned refugee child, may provoke an emotional response, but does not promote a deeper understanding of the complex social, economic and political factors that cause people to leave their country. We explain why we need to challenge this portrayal of children as victims, rather than rights holders.

Changing the narrative

Language can crudely affect a reader's view of a person. Accurate language is about factual reporting which respects people who, on the whole, are in desperate circumstances. CRIN explains why fair, nuanced and precise language is vital in reporting on refugee crises.

Rights, not charity!

All rights contained in the Convention on the Rights of the Child apply to all children, including those who are refugees, internally displaced, migrants, seeking asylum or stateless. This list spells out some of the ways in which the rights of children in these situations are breached.