The problem

A huge volume of international standards now exists to protect children's rights. These standards are by no means perfect but they are evolving all the time as the advancement of children’s rights progresses. They cover vital aspects of a child’s life including being free from violence and discrimination, rights to education and adequate housing and freedom of expression and the right to be heard, and much more. You can search for instruments that contain these rights, including the Convention on the Rights of the Child, in CRIN’s library.

To become a reality, human rights need to be implemented and overseen by competent and passionate leaders with appropriate experience.

But many of the processes for appointing people to the top jobs in children's rights remain opaque, lack scrutiny and prioritise politics and diplomacy over children. These people wield considerable power and influence, and can change the lives of millions of children. Those nominated to exalted positions within the world of children's rights can make a massive difference. But who are they? How are the chosen? And, most importantly, are they the best people for the job?

CRIN is running a campaign to open these processes up to scrutiny because we believe transparency in how international standards are overseen is not only the foundation of children's rights, but of democracy and the rule of law for all.

In the "the solution" and "get involved" pages of this campaign, we identify these positions, how their appointment process currently works and the channels available to influence them.