Protect children, end censorship

A disturbing trend among States to limit children's access to information is gaining force, with sex education, sexuality and drug use the main targets. They say this is for their own good. This argument denies children agency to make informed choices, and in some cases legitimises discrimination against specific groups.

Of course children should be protected, but honest, objective and age-appropriate information is the foundation for all children's rights, including to life, health - and protection. After all, if children do not receive information about sexual relationships, for instance, how can they recognise abuse when it happens, distinguish between consensual and abusive relationships and understand how to get support? 

In these pages, CRIN calls for stronger standards on children’s right to information and, where restrictions are appropriate, that they are transparent and in line with all children's rights as set out in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. They set out actions you can take on children's access to information in general and on specific areas, including sex education and internet filters.

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