Preliminary report

CRIN published a preliminary report - Child sexual abuse and the Holy See: the need for justice, accountability and reform - to coincide with the UN’s review of the Holy See in January 2014.

The report maps the scale of child sexual abuse committed by clerics of the Catholic Church and evidence of cover up attempts by the Holy See and Church authorities. It provides an overview of litigation brought by victims of abuse against Catholic clergy, seeking remedies for gross violations of their rights.

We sincerely hope the report will demonstrate solidarity with victims and help to ensure that their voices are heard and acted on by the UN, as well as the Holy See itself.

We believe we are stronger when we work together. This preliminary report is our attempt to illustrate the sheer magnitude and global scale of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

It is by no means final. We want to involve advocates in our research. Read our campaign activities for ways you can get involved and develop this research.

Appendix A to this toolkit includes a sample news story that you can post on your website about the preliminary report.