Age discrimination

Protecting children from age discrimination

Most countries prohibit discrimination against elderly people on the grounds of age, yet few protect children in the same way. This is starting to change.

  • Global report on laws protecting children from age discrimination - CRIN has compiled a report on what legislative measures have been taken across the world and some of the advocacy materials that were used to secure these. From issuing declarations to passing legislation or even amending national constitutions, many countries and international organisations have started taking action to ensure that children enjoy the same rights and protections as adults. 

Email us with information about laws which protect children from age discrimination in your country, or advocacy you are undertaking to press for such laws.

  • Global report on status offences - 
Status offences encompass acts that would not be criminal if they were committed by adults. This means that a status offender's conduct is considered unacceptable not because it is harmful, but solely on the basis of age. Status offences take many different forms in countries, states, and localities around the world - examples include curfew violations, school truancy, running away, begging, anti-social behaviour, gang association, and even simple disobedience or bad behaviour.

 CRIN has published a report on status offences around the world, calling for their abolition to protect children from harmful age discrimination.

Email us with information about status offences in your country.