Article 32: Child labour

Eliminating child labour and promoting decent work in agriculture for young people of legal working age
Mon, 14/11/2016 - 11:00 Event
The International Training Centre of the ILO (ITCILO) in collaboration with the Decent Rural Employment Team of the Food...
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Achieving education 2030 and eliminating child labour
Mon, 26/09/2016 - 11:00 Event
The International Training Centre of the ILO is pleased to announce the opening of registrations for the activity on ...
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Age is Arbitrary - Discussion paper on setting minimum ages
11/Apr/2016 Publication
New CRIN discussion paper examines the use and worth of age thresholds in the context of a number of contentious children’s rights issues. The paper exposes how minimum ages can be inconsistent, discriminatory and arbitrary.  
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MIGRATION: CRIN submission for the General Comment on the human rights of children in the context of int'l migration
25/Feb/2016 Publication
This submission draws attention to neglected areas of child migrants’ rights, including their right to work, detention and criminalisation, discriminatory language used to refer to migrant children, and access to justice. 
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Human Rights Day 2015: Freedoms for adults only?
9/Dec/2015 Publication
The freedoms set out in the two Covenants are universal; they apply to everyone, everywhere. Children are no exception, they have all human rights. But children’s freedoms are rarely a priority; the ability to think freely, act and speak is too often denied for children all over the world.
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The Year in Children's Rights: CRIN's 2014-15 annual report
6/Oct/2015 Publication
CRIN’s annual report wastes no time regurgitating blurb about who we are and what we do. Instead, we present a global picture of children’s rights, wrapping up the past year’s new or persisting issues around the world. 
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BURKINA FASO - TOGO - SUISSE : une ONG dénonce les circuits de l'or sale
11/Sep/2015 News
La Suisse a importé en 2014 au moins 7 tonnes d’or venues du Togo... alors que que ce pays n'en produit pas. La Déclaration de Berne a remonté la filière jusqu'à des mines artisanales burkinabè où près de la moitié des travailleurs sont des enfants.
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