Russian Federation

РОССИЯ: Худшие времена для прав человека в постсоветский период
1/May/2013 News
Summary: RUSSIA: Worst human rights climate in post-Soviet era (Russian)...
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RUSSIA: Are efforts to help thousands of 'abandoned' children being resisted?
3/Apr/2013 News
Summary: Ambitious plans to reduce the number of orphans in Russia are running into strong institutional resistance, child...
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RUSSIA: Government raids human rights groups in crackdown on 'foreign agents'
2/Apr/2013 News
Summary: Germany and France summoned Russian diplomats in Berlin and Paris, after Russia launched a series of raids on...
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RUSSIA: Anti-gay "propaganda" bill approved in first reading
31/Jan/2013 News
Summary: The bill spuriously claims to aim to "protect" children from homosexuality. ...
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