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Translators Without Borders
10/Nov/2014 Organisation
Translators without Borders facilitates the transfer of knowledge from one...
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Ensemble de règles minima des Nations Unies concernant l'administration de la justice pour mineurs (Règles de Beijing)
Mon, 03/11/2014 - 10:30 Instrument
Adopté par l'Assemblée générale dans sa résolution 40/33 du 29 novembre 1985
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RUSSIA: Access to justice for children
27/Oct/2014 Publication
This report is part of CRIN's access to justice for children project, looking at the status of the Convention on the...
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КРЫМ: Российские пограничники массово склоняют украинских детей к российскому гражданству
2/Oct/2014 News
В Крымской полевой миссии по правам человека (КПМ) заявляют, что российские пограничники не выпускают из полуострова в...
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RUSSIA: Children with disabilities face violence and neglect
15/Sep/2014 News
Human Rights Watch urges authorities to end 'orphanage' system and to prioritise support for children with disabilities to live with their families or in other family settings.
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EURASIA: Gifted children v children with disabilities - how seeking out the ‘best' contributes to social inequality in post-Soviet states
4/Sep/2014 News
CRIN looks at the worship of “gifted” children in post-Soviet states alongside denial of children with disabilities and questions why this culture is so deeply rooted.
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РОССИЯ: Детский омбудсмен отказал в помощи детям чернобыльца из Казани
15/Aug/2014 News
В Казани мать добивается права своих детей получать 772 рубля в месяц. Государство в лице Пенсионного фонда РФ -...
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4/Aug/2014 Country
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RUSSIA: New summer camps to deter children from becoming protesters
14/Jul/2014 News
More than 1,500 children aged 12 to 18 will attend the "patriotic" camps this summer, which will practice military-style discipline and instruct children in military tactics and firearms and other weapons. 
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