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    Ours is a world run by adults with rules set by adults, but it’s today’s children who will inherit the consequences… https://t.co/8HAouFwnnZ
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    VACANCIES: Two consultancies for a project on sexual abuse and exploitation by UN peacekeepers, UN police, and civi… https://t.co/qhuUufxtFE
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What can you do to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals?
publications14 Nov 2018
Toxic chemicals are everywhere. In the food we eat, the water we drink, even the air we breathe. Read our list of resources to find out more about ways to avoid toxic chemicals in your everyday life.
Caught in the crossfire? An international survey of anti-terrorism legislation and its impact on children
publications13 Nov 2018
This report presents the findings from CRIN’s research of anti-terrorism legislation in 33 countries across five continents. It shows that counter-terrorism measures are leading to extensive violations of children’s rights.
Just Say No to ‘Just Say No’ — Research on Youth and Privacy in the Americas
news-archive17 Oct 2018
In this guest post for CRIN, Mariel García-Montes discusses the tension between children's rights organisations and digital rights groups, and the importance of recognising children's agency. 
Briefing: Children's rights and toxics
publications15 Oct 2018
Children's rights to live, learn and grow are violated daily by toxic substances – especially in the air, water, soil, and consumer products. This briefing outlines the causes and extent of the problem, and proposes an approach towards effective remedy and prevention.

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