We believe that pressing for children’s rights - rather than relying solely on giving them charity - is the best way to achieve societies where children are treated with respect, dignity and equality. We also believe that people are most effective and influential when they work together.

We strive to create and host a network of children’s rights advocates around the world to share information, knowledge and expertise for the benefit of everyone.

You can find out more details about how to join CRIN’s global network by contacting us at [email protected]

What you will get

By joining CRIN’s network* you will link to almost 3,000 children’s rights organisations around the world who have contributed nearly 30,000 resources.

We believe in making information as accessible as possible, so joining our network is free and gives you access to any of our resources.

You will be able to inform other children’s rights activists and policy-makers about issues important to your country or organisation, such as latest news in children’s rights, upcoming events or recent publications.

What you can do

Be a core contributor to CRIN’s work campaigning for children’s rights - on the international stage and around the world. Email us at [email protected] for more information on any of our projects and to send us feedback on our work. 

Help us share what is going on in children’s rights in your country or region through our global network. Your information and insights could also be used as evidence for a campaign, or even a submission to the United Nations.

Challenge children’s rights violations with us - join a campaign, sign a petition, start your own campaign with others.

*See our governance page for more on our relationship with the network.