Campaigning for a world where children can enjoy all their human rights and live with respect, dignity and equality isn’t easy. This mammoth task would be impossible without people from around the world - with our different experiences and expertise - uniting for children’s rights.

We believe that we are most effective and influential when we work together and freely share information and expertise.

We rely on campaigners and NGOs around the world to share invaluable information on what is happening in children's rights where they are. CRIN has a huge library of nearly 30,000 resources on children's rights, housed on our website.

There are also plenty of other ways to get involved in CRIN’s work. Your insights and expertise could help enlighten one of our research and monitoring projects, or perhaps shape or even inspire an advocacy initiative or broader campaign. 

We also work to help children's rights campaigners around the world tell their story, get their message out there and help create a positive image of children as rights holders. Here you can find toolkits to help you develop an effective and safe communication strategy, including in the media.