UN Secretary General's Report on Violence against Children

Summary: The UN Secretary-General's Study on Violence against Children has been a global effort to document the nature, extent and causes of violence against children, and to provide recommendations. This is the first time that an attempt has been made to document the reality of violence against children around the world. Since 2003 many people have contributed to the study in consultations and working groups, through questionnaires and in other ways. Children and young people have been active at every level.

This report, which is based on the in-depth study of Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro,
independent expert appointed by the Secretary-General pursuant to General-
Assembly resolution 57/90 of 2002, provides a global picture of violence against
children and proposes recommendations to prevent and respond to this issue. It
provides information on the incidence of various types of violence against children
within the family, schools, alternative care institutions and detention facilities, places
where children work and communities. The Study is accompanied by a book which
provides a more detailed account of the Study.

The Study was prepared through a participatory process which included
regional, subregional and national consultations, expert thematic meetings and field
visits. Many Governments also provided comprehensive responses to a questionnaire
transmitted to them by the independent expert in 2004.

The independent expert is grateful for the broad support for his work provided
by Governments, regional bodies and intergovernmental bodies, as well as from
United Nations entities, civil society organizations and children.

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