ITALY: Security a la Italiana: Fingerprinting, extreme violence and harrassment of Roma in Italy

This report was prepared by the Coalition in July 2008 following extensive field and desk research on the recent deterioration of the human rights situation of Roma in Italy. With this report, the Coalition highlights key concerns about the impact of discriminatory legal and policy developments targeting Roma in Italy. It also presents a series of legal and policy recommendations to the Italian and Romanian government, as well as various intergovernmental institutions and bodies for required urgent action to improve overall respect for the human rights of Roma in Italy.

The Coalition intends that this report will inform public discussion on Roma in Italy, as well as provide a tool for law and policy makers to use in their efforts to continuously improve the situation of Roma in Italy. It serves as a strong basis for assessing the impact of policy and legal developments on Roma in Italy.

The findings and recommendations contained in this report have implications beyond the Italian borders, as some of the concerns detailed in the report are experienced by Roma in other European countries also. The Coalition welcomes discussion of this report and would be happy to present its findings at relevant events.

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