Day of African Child 2013: Prohibition of corporal punishment key in eliminating harmful practices

This briefing is a contribution to the Day of the African Child 2013 theme:

“Eliminating harmful social and cultural practices affecting children: our collective responsibility”.

Corporal punishment has long been traditionally accepted in childrearing and education in Africa and beyond. It is now recognised as a social and cultural practice which seriously breaches children’s rights to physical integrity and respect for their human dignity. Prohibiting and eliminating corporal punishment of children is central in addressing violence against children in Africa. We therefore urge organisations working on violence against children in Africa, including NGOs, CSOs and NHRIs, to use the opportunities presented by the 2013 Day of the African Child to:

- highlight to African governments the obligation under international and regional human rights law to prohibit and eliminate all corporal punishment of children,


- ensure that the issue is included in their existing and planned work on harmful social and cultural practices, violence against children and other related areas of concern.

pdf: of the African Child 2013 briefing FINAL.pdf


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