Change Makers for South Asia: Regional Consultation with Children and Young People, Corporate Leaders and Governments of South Asia

Summary: Seventeen children and young people from all the seven South Asian countries are preparing themselves to engage and dialogue with leaders of corporate and business houses from the South Asia region as well as Government ministers and delegations, starting today in Kathmandu.

Jointly initiated by the UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia and Save the Children Alliance South Asia, the 5 days event “Change Makers For South Asia” initiative aims to prepare the children for the workshop with key decision makers; encourage them to see the micro-macro economic linkages, taxation, budgets and their impacts on public expenditure, especially for children and enable them to advocate their issues with Corporate Leaders and national planners. “This is, to our knowledge, the first time that children from the region have been engaged at a regional level consultation with ministers and corporate leaders,” says Ranjan Poudyal, Regional Co-ordinator of the Save the Children Fund, Office for South and Central Asia Region. Brochure for the meeting summary of meeting



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