World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS)

The World Association of Girl Guides
and Girl Scouts is making a world of
difference. Through its national
Member Organisations in 144
countries, WAGGGS provides a
dynamic, flexible, values-based
educational programme that is
relevant to the needs of girls and
young women.
WAGGGS is the largest voluntary
organisation for girls and young
women in the world, reaching nearly
ten million members. It is through
WAGGGS that girls have a chance to
make friends, understand world
issues, and begin taking action in the
world around them.

WAGGGS gives girls and young
women a chance to belong to a
large, international network. Groups
of volunteers at agencies of the
United Nations, in six cities around
the globe - Geneva, Nairobi, New
York, Paris, Rome and Vienna - work
to identify ways for WAGGGS to
support contemporary issues,
affecting the advancement of women
and girls. WAGGGS also liaises and
exchanges information with more
than one hundred non-governmental
agencies, and works in close
cooperation with all major youth

Making the world a better place
begins with the individual. WAGGGS's
girls and young women learn mutual
respect, understanding, self-esteem,
and ways to support their
communities. Girl Guides and Girl
Scouts everywhere carry out projects
such as supporting water purification
projects; working on family life and
primary health care education
programmes; planting trees to
prevent soil erosion; integrating
refugees into their new communities;
growing food to feed families;
teaching their peers to read; and
cleaning up streets and streams.
They learn by doing - improving the
world along the way.

Since 1928, WAGGGS has provided
girls and young women with a
chance to lead. WAGGGS's future
resets on four important goals: to
offer all girls and young women the
opportunity of being a Girl Guide/Girl
Scout as part of a world
organisation; to promote dynamic
educational programmes and
leadership training in a changing
world; to involve young women at all
levels of decision-making; and to
continue to be recognised as the
leading worldwide developmental
organisation of girls and young

WAGGGS is an offical partner for
UNAIDS' world AIDS Campaign 1999.



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NGO - non governmental organisation


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, Children 0 - 18

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