Fundacion Paniamor

*Advocacy and political incidence in
all matters concerning rights of
children and how they are perceived
by institutions and the wider society.
*Prevention of violence against and
amongst children, especially sexual
exploitation and abuse, in and out of
family circles.
*Foster social development of youth
in conditions of socio-economic
Diverse training workshops have
been developed for different
populations (including children and
adolescents) and aim to prevent
violence against children and foster
positive relationships within families.
Information activities facilitate the
exchange of information between
key actors, encourage public debate
(especially inter-generational) and
promote the participation of youth in
the policy decisions that affect them.
Current advocacy efforts focus on
developing a legal code for minors,
pursuing legal reforms that improve
the administration of justice for
juvenile offenders, and promoting an
integral approach to adolescence in
national policy.
In July 1997, PANIAMOR began
another programme of work, under
the title Alternative Centre for
Teenagers. The Centre will provide
attention, guidance and information
for teenagers on the following
subjects - recreation for personal
development, health orientation,
education, vocational supervision,
investigation and crisis

Primary areas of work: Child abuse
prevention, self-esteem and
communication skills, information
services, rights education, juvenile
justice.Paniamor Foundation

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NGO - non governmental organisation


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, Children 0 - 18

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