Asia ACTs Against Child Trafficking

Asia Against Child Trafficking (Asia ACTs) is a regional campaign to fight child trafficking in Southeast Asia. Asia ACTs is part of the International Campaign against Child Trafficking (IcaCT) coordinated by Terre des Hommes, Germany and the International Federation of Terre des Hommes.Asia ACTS joins the outrage of people's movements, children, private sector and governments in Southeast Asia against the existence of child trafficking as one of the most blatant violations of children's rights in the region. Asia ACTs urges respective authorities to immediately implement human rights standards for trafficked children by: * enacting national legislation and ratifying international instruments; * creating regional mechanisms for the protection and rehabilitation of children; * initiating and implementing bilateral and international cooperation in tracing; * repatriating and rehabilitating victims of trafficking; and, implementing preventive measures like poverty alleviation, community awareness campaigns; * carrying out national and international police measures to prosecute offenders.Asia ACTs

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, Children 0 - 18

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