INDIA: RARE on the eve of World Human Rights Day (9 January 2006)

Summary: RARE alongside other district partner organisations, SMART, PRERANA, MAGADHESWAR CLUB, SWF & AYESA of the right based alliance "Voice for Child Rights Orissa" organised a parents conference and rally to present a memorandum to His Excellency Governor of Orissa.

The conference was held at the RARE Relief Institution for the Mentally Retarded Gokarneswarpara, Sonepur in which more than one hundred participated including parents of Rural children, Child labourers, disabled children, Volunteer DDF(disABLES Development Force) and members of the partner organisations along with the local intellectuals. Sri Ambuj Bihari Satpathy, Joint Secretary discussed child rights as the basic human right issue.

Sri Chhabila Karna, Chairman of SMART spoke about the role and responsibility of the state to ensure that the rights of the child  are part of the legal backdrop. Then he opened the discussion and talked about the different aspects of child rights, challenges and situations  in the district  with the active participation of all parents.

Sri Ashutosh Hota, Member of RARE shared the content of memorandum to be presented to His Excellency, Governor of Orissa later in the day.

In the memorandum the following demands were made:

1. Non- discrimination regarding provision of primary education to all the

children and introduction of a common school system.

2. Quality and effective primary education with special emphasis on life

skill and livelihood orientation.

3. Time bound step for complete abolition of child labour and to provide

qualitative education and health facilities for them.

4. Effective measure to reduce the alarming MMR and IMR in this State.

5. To ensure food security / Right to Food for all with just access, control

and ownership of people over the natural resources and its management.

After  the deliberation the parents, children, organisers proceeded to a silent rally holding placards and distributing leaflets to the office of the Collector and District Magistrate, Subarnapur.

Pintu presented the memorandum to His Excellency, Governor of Orissa through the Additional District Magistrate in absence of the Collector and District Magistrate, Subarnapur.


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