GENDER: Toys R Us to cease gender focused marketing

[7 September 2013] - 

Toy R Us has pledged to no longer market toys at children based on gender.

The company has bowed to pressure from consumer group Let Toys Be Toys to stop specifically targeting certain toys at boys or girls, the argument being that such images were confusing the natural development of children.

“We’re delighted to be working so closely with a major toy retailer and believe that there is much common ground here,“ said Megan Perryman, a campaigner for Let Toys Be Toys.

“Even in 2013, boys and girls are still growing up being told that certain toys are ‘for’ them, while others are not…This is not only confusing but extremely limiting, as it strongly shapes their ideas about who they are and who they can go on to become,” she added.

The retailer has revealed that it plans to draw up ‘long term plans’ to remove references to gender in its stores.

Meanwhile, Lego has also revealed its first female scientist figure (see gallery) in the US in a bid to inspire girls, having previously been criticised for releasing mainly male gendered figures across many roles such as firemen and doctors.




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