Conference on Children's Rights in the Migration Crisis and in the Digital Environment

Protection and advocacy of children's rights is one of the priorities of the Estonian Government and the Estonian Chairmanship in the Council of Europe. Estonia is committed to mainstreaming children's rights on all levels of society, not only among stakeholders and practitioners. There's a saying that it takes the whole village to raise a child, thus it is up to every one of us to provide a better present and a better future for our children.

The aim of the conference is to share good practices and discuss two burning issues that are currently in the spotlight in Estonia, in Europe as well as at global level - children's rights in the turmoil of migration and children's rights in the digital environment. When we are talking about children's rights it is paramount to engage with children themselves and have their voices heard. At the conference the children will be participating next to top leaders and will present their own messages and thoughts about the issues under discussion.

Who is the conference for:

Practitioners and experts, who deal with children and their rights on a daily basis and would like to know more about the topics discussed at the event.

Government decision makers, who are involved with both social and juridical topics and subjects related to children.

Stakeholders and officials that are concerned with child welfare issues.

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