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A union of four countries - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - the United Kingdom is an island nation located in Western Europe, on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, with a number of additional semi-independent territories around the world. The UK has a hereditary monarch as head of state and an elected prime minister and parliament as the head of government and legislature respectively. While the UK has a generally good human rights record overall, concerns have been raised about the treatment of migrant children, including their detention, and the high number of children in prison.

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6279810070Population1315300014.661430839468Population under 155273120958.778603652021Number of internet users
26 Human development index41 Happy planet ranking

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UNITED KINGDOM: UPR submission on inhuman sentencing of children
21 Sep 2016
Life imprisonment in various forms is a lawful sentence in England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland for offences...
UNITED KINGDOM: CRC alternative report on inhuman sentencing of children
30 Jun 2015
This report was submitted ahead of the the 72nd pre-sessional working group of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child...
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