Situated to the east of Vietnam across the South China Sea, the Philippines is made up of more than 7,000 volcanic islands, although most of its 95 million population live on just 11 of these. Having previously been under the control of a succession of foreign powers, its independence in 1946 has led to internal political instability and continuing human rights violations. Major children’s rights concerns include the recruitment of children into the army.

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9485200070Population3942050029.092006494328Population under 153360000024.796525112807Number of internet users
114 Human development index25 Happy planet ranking

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DEATH PENALTY: Submission for the Secretary-General's report on the death penalty 2017
30 Mar 2017
CRIN is campaigning for the abolition of inhuman sentencing of children, defined to include the death penalty, corporal...
JOINT STATEMENT: Child Justice Advocacy Group calls on government of the Philippines to reject MACR reforms
13 Jan 2017
The Child Justice Advocacy Group calls on the government of the Philippines to reject proposals to lower the minimum age of criminal responsibility
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