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  • The end of CRINmail as we know it


    For more than two decades, CRINmail has been our main way of sharing children’s rights news and circulating events and jobs in the sector. Over time, CRIN has changed, and CRINmail has changed with it, but not nearly enough.

    CRIN is a small team, and we are now facing some serious funding cuts, so we’re refocusing our efforts, and CRINmail as we know it has to end.

    We're moving away from news gathering and reporting, as this information has never been more widely produced or easily available elsewhere as it is today.

    We also want to stop feeding you grim stories about everything that’s wrong with the world, and instead focus our energies on producing original work, provoking long-overdue discussions, and highlighting positive stories to inspire activism while bringing new people to the children’s rights movement.

    While we have a faithful group of regular readers, we also know most of our subscribers do not read the CRINmail. And if you're not a regular, but happen to read today’s edition, surprise! 

    As a preview of things to come, we will soon be launching a new online space for big ideas in children’s rights and beyond. So watch this space.

    From now on, CRINmail will be less rigidly scheduled and structured, but we will continue to bring you our latest work, ideas and discussions. If this new direction does not sound right for you, if you are a true fanatic of the vintage CRINmail and can’t bear the thought of change, you have the option to unsubscribe at the bottom of this email (though we hope it doesn’t come to that).



    We're moving jobs and events to #ChildRightsJobs and #ChildRightsEvents on Twitter. We can retweet vacancies and events you post there, and we'll share some as well each week.

    Our "Jargon of the Week" feature will also return in a new format. If you want to help us bust more jargon, send us the most needlessly complex language you can find in the children's rights world.


    The last word of this CRINmail goes to you, the readers.

    In developing the new CRINmail, it would be useful for us to get your feedback. Please send us your thoughts by finishing these sentences and emailing your answers to

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