Country reports and research guides

The country reports were prepared by CRIN and partners from around the globe and cover 197 jurisdictions. The reports were amended according to comments and feedback provided by experts - including Ministries of Justice, State permanent missions to the UN, national human rights institutions, NGOs, children’s rights advocates, academics, lawyers, judges and others - up until 1 November 2015. Expert feedback was received on 60 per cent of all reports.

CRIN also produced a research guide intended to assist those who conducted the research. In addition, the following guides include information on how to conduct legal research for the particular jurisdiction in question, including how to locate up to date legislation and case law and where to find other useful legal resources on children’s rights.

Global report

This global report was prepared by staff at CRIN based on the content of the country reports. It follows the structure of national reports, looking at the status of the CRC, the legal status of the child, legal mechanisms for challenging rights violations and practical considerations related to bringing a court case. The global report also contains an executive summary of the findings of the research and a description of an Eutopian State which draws from the best examples identified in all national reports. Read the global report.

Scoring system and country ranking

Every country report was scored on a number of criteria developed by researchers at CRIN to reflect international standards related to access to justice for children, as detailed in CRIN’s model report. See the access to justice scorecard. The scores assigned to countries for every element of the coding card can be found in this spreadsheet.