As part of this project, we produced a more detailed analysis of the research that examines the findings in more depth. In this extended report you can find more detailed analysis, with added examples of how countries have grappled with access to justice for children and what this has meant for children coming into contact with their justice systems.

There can be found in this extended version of the Access to Justice for Children report sections analysing trends and global data on the legal status of the CRC, the legal status of the child, remedies, and practical considerations; a set of ‘recommendations’ aimed at all parties concerned in protecting children’s access to justice, whether it be States, the United Nations, international and regional bodies, civil society, parents and other legal representatives, professional legal bodies, the media, and donors; a ‘Eutopian report’ depicting a fictional State where children’s access to justice is held in the highest regard; and a number of corresponding annexures.

We hope that this extended report will be a useful resource for those interested in exploring the findings of the project further or looking for more information about the research carried out as part of this project.

Download the detailed findings.

Download CRIN's recommendations on access to justice for children to governments, judges, lawyers, the United Nations and others.