Northern Ireland [United Kingdom]

Executive Master on Children's Rights 2005-2006
Mon, 14/02/2005 - 00:00 Event
Summary: This is a part-time two-year interdisciplinary and international programme on children's rights. The methodology...
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Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People
11/Nov/2005 Organisation
NICCY's mission is to safeguard and promote the rights and best interests of children and young people (up to 21 years if...
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Play Action (Autumn 2002)
18/Jul/2005 Publication
Summary: Looks at: UN Committee on the...
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International Conflict Research
4/Jun/2005 Organisation
INCORE was established in 1993 as a joint...
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School Children Coping with Political Violence: the case of the Holy Cross Primary School in Belfast
Wed, 13/04/2005 - 00:00 Event
Summary: The lecture will be presented by Dr. Gilligan:...
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International Centre for Child and Youth Studies
2/Apr/2005 Organisation
ICCYS is a specialised unit for training, research and policy analysis which focuses on the needs of children and youth in...
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Training Programme in Child Rights, Classroom and School Management 2004
Mon, 20/09/2004 - 00:00 Event
Summary: The overall objective of the course,...
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State of the World's Children 2005: Childhood Under Threat
20/Jan/2005 Publication
Summary: The report examines three of the most...
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Working Forum Belfast - Building Bridges: Healing Communities Through Early Childhood Education
Wed, 17/11/2004 - 00:00 Event
Summary: Throughout the world, early...
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