Psychological punishment

Les formes de violences
14/nov/2011 Publication
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VIOLENCIA: Se considera fiable el testimonio de los niños víctimas de abuso
27/sep/2011 News
Summary: El testimonio de los niños de tres a seis años víctimas de abusos sexuales o maltrato tiene una fiabilidad de...
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JAPAN: New law may protect children from abusive parents
3/aoû/2011 News
Summary: Japan’s revised Child Abuse Prevention Law, which will be passed in April 2011, aims to prioritise children’s...
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SOUTH SUDAN: A human rights agenda
29/juil/2011 Publication
Summary: Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have issued a briefing paper on the human rights agenda in the...
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CHILD LABOUR: Child domestic workers - the dawn of a new Convention? (part 2)
27/Mai/2011 News
Summary: The International Labour Conference is preparing to vote on a new global instrument to ensure decent work for...
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ISRAEL: Former Israeli soldiers break the silence on military violations (Arabic)
17/Mai/2011 News
Summary: نحو عشرين شهادة مصورة بالفيديو لجنود يعرف بعضهم أنفسهم لأول مرة مصحوبة بترجمة باللغة الإنجليزية."إجراء الجار"...
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