Gang violence

UK: Gang violence ‘out of control’ in young offenders' prison
11/Jul/2013 News
Summary: Security cameras captured premeditated attacks in Feltham prison - with nearly two recorded every day....
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Voices of Young Europe
27/Jun/2013 Publication
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UK: Rochdale child sex abuse case - council apologises for failings
24/Mayo/2013 News
Summary: Report says culture of complacency within the local authority allowed paedophile gangs to prey on girls...
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UNITED KINGDOM: Oxford gang found guilty of grooming and sexually exploiting girls
17/Mayo/2013 News
Summary: Seven men convicted at the Old Bailey of charges including rape, arranging prostitution and trafficking...
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SOMALIA: Gay Teen allegedly stoned to death for Sodomy
22/Mar/2013 News
Summary: A gay Somali teen was allegedly stoned to death on March 15, according to an advocacy group that posted about the...
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COTE D’IVOIRE: Children's rights in the Special Procedures' reports
15/Mar/2013 Publication
Summary: This report extracts mentions of children's rights issues in the reports of the UN Special Procedures. This does...
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AFGHANISTAN: Persistent violations of children's rights
18/Feb/2013 Publication
Summary: The violations highlighted are those issues raised with the State by more than one international mechanism. This...
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