Gang violence

HONDURAS: Call to stop the murder of street children
22/Jun/2012 News
Summary: Summary of the situation of street children in Honduras. ...
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COLOMBIA: Persistent violations of children's rights
12/Jun/2012 Publication
Summary: The violations highlighted are those issues raised with the State by more than one international mechanism. This...
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CAMBODIA / THAILAND: Khmer gang mutilates children and use them as beggars
2/Abr/2012 News
Summary: Police are hunting a barbaric gang that allegedly cut off Cambodian children’s tongues and removed their larynxes...
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NIGERIA: Militant Islamist group targeting schools
7/Mar/2012 News
Summary: Since the beginning of 2012, suspected militant Islamist group Boko Haram members have attacked, damaged, and, in...
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SOUTH AFRICA: 'We’ll Show You You’re a Woman' - Violence and Discrimination against Black Lesbians and Transgender Men in South Africa
8/Dic/2011 Publication
Summary: The abusers of people known or assumed to be lesbian, bisexual, or transgender act with near-total impunity,...
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Les formes de violences
14/Nov/2011 Publication
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