Gang violence

REPORT: African children subject to 'alarming' levels of violence
12/Feb/2015 Publication
This report by the African Child Policy Forum shows that children across Africa face unacceptably high levels of physical, sexual and emotional violence at home, at school and in the streets.
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MIGRATION: Deported Central American child migrants face death at home
4/Feb/2015 News
Last year, nearly 60 percent of children interviewed by the UNHCR said they had fled abroad because they feared being recruited or faced harm at the hands of armed groups.
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MEXICO: Crecen homicidios de menores
13/Ene/2015 News
El país es el quinto con más homicidios de menores, sólo por debajo de Nigeria, Brasil, India y la República Democrática del Congo.
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INDIA: 15 year old boy from Dalit minority lynched and burnt alive
23/Oct/2014 News
Boy from a lower caste was tortured then killed because his goat had strayed onto an upper caste man's field.
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UK: Failures in Rotherham led to sexual abuse of 1,400 children
1/Sep/2014 News
Report says failings in political and police leadership contributed to gang rape and trafficking in South Yorkshire
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NIGERIA: Boko Haram abduct dozens of boys from village
18/Ago/2014 News
Boys and men forcibly taken by militant group in north-east Nigeria, four months after kidnapping of schoolgirls.
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UGANDA: "Where Do You Want Us to Go?"
23/Jul/2014 Publication
This Human Rights Watch report documents human rights violations against street children in Uganda by police and local government officials, members of the community and older homeless children and adults.
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ARMED CONFLICT: Child rights being violated in conflict situations with total impunity, says UN official
2/Jul/2014 News
UN Secretary-General’s annual report on children and armed conflict shows children were recruited and used, killed and maimed, victims of sexual violence and other grave violations in 23 country situations in 2013.
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SYRIA: Up to 186 Kurdish students kidnapped by Isis in northern Syria
27/Jun/2014 News
 Teenagers abducted from bus while travelling from Kobani to Aleppo to take exams.
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FRANCE: ERRC urges French authorities to fully investigate lynching of Romani minor
18/Jun/2014 News
The European Roma Rights Centre expresses its deep concern regarding the brutal lynching of a 16-year-old Romani boy in France. The ERRC urges French authorities to investigate the attack, in particular any possible racial motivation, and to bring the perpetrators to justice.
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